Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted's dead, baby. Ted's dead.

Ted Kennedy bites the big one:

HYANNIS PORT, Mass. – Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, last surviving brother in an American political dynasty and one of the most influential senators in history, died at his home on Cape Cod after a yearlong struggle with brain cancer. He was 77.

Oddly, I think I hated this moron more for his tyrannical, anti-liberty politics than the for fact that he murdered Mary Jo Kopechne, but, in my defense, that crash was ancient history to someone my age. It still certainly colors my emotions towards him as a public figure. I can't sympathize with or get behind the outpouring of grief for this dirtbag, any more than I could for Michael Jackson or other celebrities that get away with major crimes. I might be a little more gracious of someone of his cloth without an incident like this coloring my views. But who knows. I was so disgusted by the mean-spirited comments from leftists that I read about Robert Novak after his passing, I feel absolutely no obligation to be the least bit diplomatic when it comes to liberal-fascist political figures any longer.

Still, though, as tragic, unforgivable and vile his actions were that night in 1969 on Martha’s Vineyard, it was really his leftist politics that have damaged this nation much more than his drunken escapades and lack of morality turned deadly. So many of his stances on various issues eschewed the notions of individual freedom and responsibility, and promoted the growing in loco parentis Meta-State which threatens all logic and personal choice. He has favored creating a bloated and restrictive socialist health care system over tort reform or the minimizing of federal interstate commerce interference. He supported bitterly inane school busing programs which made political pawns of peoples' children and only furthered racial divides and ill will. His attitudes on illegal immigration were almost frightening in their irrationality and unmerited arrogance. He was constantly behind the state theft of personal income via taxation, and redistributing wealth to ineffective government programs and labyrinthine bureaucracy, all the while feigning altruism.

I cannot, in any fashion, say I'm the least bit moved by Kennedy's death. I do however, as in any instance like this, feel for the family, and wish them my condolences.