Friday, October 12, 2007

Schwarzenegger Sells Out California (Again)

It's probably no surprise that to hear that pseudo-conservative California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a law which "prohibit(s) local governments from forcing landlords to check the immigration status of tenants." I don't really buy the argument put forth by the Apartment Association of Southern California Cities that "landlords cannot be compelled by local government to compile dossiers and become de facto immigration police." No one was asking them to become "police," they were merely asked to perform the same function as employers - insuring the legal status of those they rent to. Hardly an enormous burden, considering the background checks most landlords run perspective tenants through.
Schwarzenegger spokesman Francisco Castillo said the governor understands the emotions but still “believes that local and state governments should not be forced to assume the responsibility of the federal government.”
An actually somewhat valid sounding argument. However, the federal government is not living up to this responsibility. The costs incurred by the lack of border security are falling upon state and local governments. Communities are being damaged and bankrupt by illegal immigration, all because of the federal government's failure to act decisively. If the federal government does not step up to the plate by dealing with illegal immigration, or at least financially compensating these communities, then local and state governments have little choice but to act.

In any case, Escondido's ordinance did not punish illegals for being here illegally, it would have punished landlords in that town for renting to illegals. The city would not be entering into the realm of immigration enforcement at all. It was merely setting a standard for property renting within that community. Something perfectly reasonable and well within its rights. Well, until now. Thanks Arnie.

Butthole Obama Wants You to Pay for Educating Illegal Immigrants

America's favorite bubble-headed liberal cutout, Barack Obama, wants the California taxpayer to foot the bill for higher education for illegal immigrants. Isn't it bad enough that we're already funding K-12 education for people with a complete disrespect for our laws, culture and sovereignty? One of my major problems with shithead Democrats (and a lot of OTHER politicians) like Obama is that they seem to think money just grows on trees, and that all this "aid" and "free education" isn't paid for by some of the highest state income taxes in the nation. Thanks a motherfucking lot you stupid fuck-faced thieves. Everytime I get my paycheck raped by you bastards, I think, "oh swell, my hard-earned money is going to some piece of crap MS-13 gangsta that shouldn't even be in this country, and is here only as a result of someone breaking the law." Glad I could pay to help him learn home ec.

Dumbshit Obama had the huevos to say the following:
"We teach our children that in America you will thrive if you work hard and dream big. Governor Schwarzenegger now has the chance to demonstrate that instead of blaming one group for the challenges America faces, he can unite Californians and give children who play by the rules the opportunity to succeed."
No, fucker, what you're teaching OUR children is that if you work hard and dream big, your money is going to get stolen and redistributed by a fascist state, or if you don't work hard or dream big, then you'll be entitled to get a big, fat chunk of someone else's cash. Illegal immigrants have not "play[ed] by the rules." Taxpayers are in no way responsible for funding anyone else's "opportunity to succeed." Illegal immigrants are not "our children," they're the children of a foreign nation. And I'm sick, sick, sick, sick, sick and tired of idiots like Obama mischaracterizing the positions of people that are opposed to illegal immigration, that take issue with the idea we should reward illegal behavior, and that are against the government providing incentives which ENCOURAGE illegal immigration. No one is "blaming one group for the challenges America faces," people are "blaming" one group for the problems they cause through illegal activity - the very activity which places them in that "group" category in the first place.

Hey Obama, since you're not even a Californian, how about (1) not telling us what to do with our taxes, or (2) going to see if the people of Illinois would be willing to pay for higher education for illegals here in California. Sure, they're going to school here in California, but they're not OUR responsibility any more than they are that of people in Chicago. So why not ask Illinois to pay for this?