Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Go-Green Guide for the Hollywood Community


Benicio del Toro = another Hollywood douchebag

While it is hardly surprising to find another leftist Hollywood actor elitist hypocrite moron spouting off sanctimonious liberal idiocy, it is amusing to see one storm off in a bitchy hissy fit when called out on his or her disassociation with reality and distorted historical revisionism.

Yeah, Benicio. Somehow in a four and a half hour film, you couldn't find time to point out that the guy you're portraying was a homicidal maniac? That's kind of like doing a five-hour miniseries about Jeffrey Dahmer, never mentioning murder and only saying that he liked to have friends over for snacks.

More Reasons to Oppose Obama and the Democrat's "Stimulus" Plan

Because, deep down, did anyone really expect anything except waste, liberal fascist regulation, unfair handouts and more bloated bureaucracy from these wastes of sperm and egg?