Friday, August 07, 2009

Only a matter of time until protesters get called "terrorist"

Yesterday, when I mentioned how dipshit Harry Reid had accused American citizens exercising their right to free speech and assembly of sabotaging the democratic process, I almost said "it'll only be a matter of time before some dickwad calls us 'terrorists'." And the only reason I didn't was because I actually decided it was TOO obvious to mention.

But who is the massive asswipe, whose mother must have been a syphilis ridden whore to have produced an offspring with such a warped mind (ha ha, I'm better at name-calling than you are!), who actually did call those criticizing the Democratic attempt to socialize health care "political terrorists"?

Steven Pearlstein at the Washington Post.

I'm not even going to bother to counter his inane editorial. At least not until he and his paper apologizes to me and everyone else who does not support this proposed continued rape of taxpayer income and personal freedom masquerading as "reform." Even if he were absolutely correct in his reasoning for supporting the current plan, which he is not, it is beyond offensive to be labeling anyone exercising their right to free speech as "terrorists," whatever their motives. Unless they're blowing up buildings, or shooting up daycare centers, or whatever, they're not terrorists, they're just folks actively engaged at speaking out against and stopping legislation - even if we assume their motives are selfish or corrupt - which you are free to do. But selfishness or protesting or preventing legislation from passing within legal means wouldn't be terrorism. It's called liberty.

Steven, your mother is a fucking assmuncher. How's that feel? How's it feel to see someone you probably love and respect insulted? My grandparents are completely against this plan too. And they're like 80. They're not terrorists. Fuck you.

Of course, these are just words. He'll defend his while decrying mine, I'm sure. He can obviously dish it out, so he'd better get used to taking it. Well, I'm guessing from his stupidity, he probably takes donkey cocks up the ass on weekends, but I have no real way of verifying that.

In any case, it's great these idiots keep mentioning how we'll get to keep private insurance. Wow. We'll get to pay our own insurance costs, AND pay extra taxes to cover fuckers who refuse to insure themselves. Wheeee.

Get it yet?