Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Must Read

The Diversity Recession, or How Affirmative Action Helped Cause the Housing Crisis

Rather than make the fundamental reforms needed to help the bottom half actually become economically productive and domestically stable enough to afford to buy a home, the government tried to juice the home-ownership rate directly.
In a nutshell, rather than making any attempt to address the problem of poverty itself (and what the government should be responsible in that regard, of course, is up to much debate), any system of "objective measurements" was considered racist and discriminatory, and the Feds encouraged riskier business practices to make the system more inclusive. In other words, common sense and thoughtful, objective business practices were to blame, not actual individuals personal responsibility and incomes.

This is completely analogous to how affirmative action thinking has warped the education system. Objective measures like GPA and test scores are increasingly considered racist, and the responsibility for achievement has shifted from individual students to the institutions themselves. Rather than address any problems with academic preparation prior to college, whether with the students or the K-12 schools, universities are expected to create a level playing field, shifting the blame to an objective system, vilifying real success, diluting the quality of education for all, and creating unfairness all around.

Something to keep in mind as the Federal government, both Democrats and Republicans alike, contemplate a $700 Billion dollar bailout, at least.

Also, Michelle Malkin notes that:

"Student loans, car loans, and credit card debt have been snuck into the bailout proposal."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biden confuses raping the taxpayer with patriotism

Joe Biden, VP candidate, suggests that paying higher taxes would be patriotic for wealthier Americans. According to the braindead Senator:
It's time to be patriotic ... time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.
Right, because all that money they've been paying all along doesn't count as being "part of the deal." Only by paying even freaking MORE can they then be considered "patriotic." Sorry, rich folk, your previous outrageously high tax payments didn't reach the threshold of patriotism. Not even a thank you do you deserve.

How much does Biden, or Obama, make? And with this statement, is he not suggesting that neither he nor Obama have been patriotic yet?

Biden also noted:
We want to take money...
Yeah, that just about sums it the fuck up.
...and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people.
Back? Playing Robin Hood is hardly "back."

I'm all for lowering taxes on the middle class - and in general - though. But if you want to use the word "back," you should say something more like "we Senators are sorry for taxing the crap out of you America, and squandering it on worthlessness. Instead, we're going to lower your taxes, reduce government waste, and give you some of your money back in the form of rebates."

Biden acts like rich people somehow stole from the middle-class, when it's really the government that's been stealing from everybody.

Another good argument against the public funding of education

Somehow, higher education has distorted the term "academic freedom" to mean "should have taxes and student fees fund professors with absolutely no expectation that they educate or have any job performance requirements what-so-ever" as well as "they can attempt to politically indoctrinate and belittle your children all they want, with extreme bias and a complete lack of ethical behavior - GIVE ME MONEY." Taxed citizens and tuition payers of Colorado, meet the shitheadfuck you bought and paid for.

Students in an English class at Metropolitan State College in Denver have been told to assemble criticisms of GOP vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin that "undermine" her, and students say they are concerned about the apparent bias.

"This so-called 'assignment' represents indoctrination in its purist form," said Matt Barber, director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Counsel, whose sister, Janna, is taking the class from Andrew Hallam, a new instructor at the school.

The instructor also, according to students, is harshly critical of President Bush during his classroom English presentations. He reportedly has allowed students who identify themselves as "liberal" to deride and ridicule those who identify themselves as "conservative" or Republican.

If you were a high school teacher in San Francisco, and told students to write a paper undermining Barack Obama, (or say a radio host on a PRIVATELY owned radio station) you'd be labeled a fascist who abuses his position for the unethical purposes of brainwashing. But, hey, if you're being paid by state funds, and your students are a year older, then, hey, there should be no accountability at all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Schwarzenegger finds his testicles

Extending the state's longest budget fight, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Tuesday that he will veto a proposed state budget that "takes our problems and makes them even worse."
Story here.

While I was in no way happy with Schwarzenegger's plan to "temporarily" raise taxes, I am pleased to see him take a stand on this boondoggle of a compromise. Kudos to Republican legislatures for at least preventing any substantial tax increases. Somehow, and this is probably pure fantasy on my part, these morons, especially the Democrats, in Sacramento need to learn that taxation, especially outrageously high taxes, are an affront to personal liberty and responsibility, and that high taxes along with reckless spending and waste only further slow the economy. It is disgraceful that our elected officials have been nothing but irresponsible with their spending - throwing away money disgracefully and irresponsibly on ineffective program after ineffective program, special interest handout after special interest handout.

At a news conference, Schwarzenegger initially said that he would kill all the bills on his desk if legislators override his budget veto.

Pressed on the issue, Schwarzenegger seemed to soften his stance. More than 800 bills await his approval or veto this month.

Initially, Arnie found both his balls, then lost one as it rolled back under his dress. Girly man.

Probably the scariest reminder in this article is that while these dipshits in Sacramento cannot balance the budget (hint, dumbfucks: CUT, CUT, CUT - SPEND ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE - THERE'S ONLY SO MUCH BLOOD LEFT IN THE TAXPAYERS YOU FUCKING VAMPIRES), the idiots managed to pass 800 NEW bills that they'd like to see passed into law. It's like watching a retarded child continuously running into a sliding glass door, unable to learn from his own mistakes and pain. 800 fucking times. A year! For fucking decades!!!

Dear Sacramento,

Thanks for the highest taxes in nation!!!! And thanks even more for pissing it all away. Hell, pissing away more than is even in the bladder!!!! YAY! I'm thrilled to be living under your iron fist and your vast stupidity. I mean, if you actually spent the money on something USEFUL, like roads, or law enforcement, or fire protection, I might even not complain as much. But, shit, even as you rape our increasingly starved asses, you can't even provide us with the basics. No, no, no.

Oh yeah, quit banning everything under the sun, like foie gras, lightbulbs and trash bags, you ignorant, totalitarian nazi fucks.



PS: As long as I'm ranting, Rage Against The Machine is totally the suckiest band in the universe.

Janeane Garofalo = Stupid Bitch

Yes, yes, little Ms. Funny-As-A-Car-Accident proves to be the world's biggest fucking hypocrite, and a completely deranged shithead, by suggesting that Republicans are less "decent" than Democrats and that the Republican party has become "a party of small minded, very petty, mean... unrestrained id." Right, because mean-spirited, sweeping generalizations are just the epitome of decency, open-mindedness and logical thought.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

David Foster Wallace commits suicide

John Ziegler, who was the subject of a long-winded, inane hit-piece by the douchebag David Foster Wallace, has his reaction here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Political Correctness in, Education out

Far too few people are paying attention to the liberal fascism that is going on in higher education nowadays. Thankfully, there are a still a few out there who value personal liberty over political correctness.

As it stands, and I've seen this in action at the state university where I work, affirmative action/social justice political litmus tests have been put in place in the hiring practices of faculty and staff.

As Daphne Patai puts it:
"It's hard to say just when universities ceased to believe that education was a worthwhile mission. But that they have done so is beyond question. Among many signs of this reality is the anxiety to redefine the university's task. After all, educators who no longer expect or demand serious intellectual effort from their students are bound to look elsewhere for ways to justify their existence and that of their institutions. Enter the language of "community engagement," "outreach," "social justice," and "equity" (to name just a few of the terms now used as rallying cries on many campuses)."

Read this now!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

More University of California Diversinsanity

UCLA violates state law and all semblance of ethical, fair behavior in order to grant special hiring and admission privileges to African-Americans. Who would have guessed such behavior from bigoted, reverse discriminating, immoral, mindless left-wing, ivory tower douchebags? Equality, ha! Special entitlements, check.

I'll tell you what, similar bullshit is going on at the other University of California campuses as well. Especially San Diego, where you are even beginning to see political litmus tests in hiring practices.