Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama-nazis going after Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck calls dickhead Obama a "racist," which is exactly what he is, and Obama's leftist media cronies go after him with a threat of a boycott.

Let's ignore the fact that anyone disagreeing with the left on anything has been labeled a racist for decades... everyday... it's perfectly fine when they race-bait. Bush was constantly called a nazi and a racist. Same with Palin. Heck, anyone even remotely criticizing Obama on anything has been called that at least once or twice.

Heck, here's a perfect example of leftist "I don't get the irony." "Don't support those who hate." Man, I wish I could make this stuff up. Beck accusing someone else, Obama, of hate is hate. But the reverse? Naaaaaaaah.

While I'm fairly certain Fox News will stand up for Glenn Beck to some degree, more so than the shits at CNN would have, and find new advertisers, it's time to stand up against companies who support the left in their witch-hunts.

Sure, they're free to advertise where they want, and should be, but you're free to boycott them, just like the left would.

So far make sure to boycott: Travelocity, ConAgra, Roche, Radio Shack, Sanofi-Aventis, SC Johnson, Progressive Insurance & Geico.

Hey, Geico, fuck you and your little lizard. And Radio Shack, you only sell crap anyway.


The race-baiting entitlement-whores at the NAACP got in on the Beck-bashing.
Mr. Beck’s statement was irresponsible and inflammatory at a time when as a nation we are attempting to engage in a constructive dialogue on race.
Really? Here's an idea, fuckwits - if this is in anyway true, how about getting folks on the left to apologize for calling anyone that doesn't agree with their policies and positions on race "racist" like every second of every day, and ending the practice in the future?
Beck’s statements are an attempt to divide when we need to be united, an attempt to inflame with rhetoric when we need to discuss with thoughtfulness the serious question of race.
Is that what calling someone a "racist" does? Gee, geese, look at them ganders.

It is a futile effort to distract from the serious issues of health care, the economy and the environment – issues that President Obama is tackling with foresight and fortitude.
Riiiiiiight. Because bringing up some minor comment made by a talk-show host in one little segment, calling people to arms to boycott his show, is really, really, really focusing on the above-mentioned "serious issues." I mean, that wouldn't be distracting at all, to make a big deal over a word tossed about by the left on a daily basis, would it?
How could the President be a racist?
By behaving in a racist fashion, dipshits.