Friday, June 29, 2007

House Kills Any Attempt to Resurrect 'Fairness Doctrine'

Score one for free speech and free press. The House voted 309-115 yesterday to adopt a spending bill (which includes funding for the FCC) amendment by Rep. Mike Pence barring the FCC from reviving the oxymoronically titled 'Fairness Doctrine.' That some politicians would even consider resurrecting such vile, oppressive legislation just shows how completely out of touch, corrupt, power-hungry and anti-liberty so many of our "representatives" have become. But this is hardly surprising from our anti-freedom "leaders" who have brought us racist "affirmative" action processes, vastly totalitarian limitations on our right to keep and bear arms, and a seemingly infinite number of bans on personal choice, from light bulbs, to foie gras, to pet breeding, to smoking here, there, and everywhere, to end of life choices. And many of these same idiots flap about claiming to be "pro-choice" because they claim to support a woman's choice to end a pregnancy - all the while doing nothing to prevent men from being harmed by fraudulent paternity claims. Right, I really believe you guys deserve to use the label pro-choice. There are about a billion other choices we should be FREE (imagine using the word 'free' to describe our rights as Americans) to make besides fetus termination. Talk radio is no more biased than religious radio or even a great deal of politically charged songs played over the airwaves. There is absolutely nothing "fair" about forcing someone else to say, to print or to broadcast what they do not want to. Hey, how about some of you dipshit politicians calling for the Fairness Doctrine to be re-enacted give me a blog on your political webpage, in which I'll just publish article after article about how small your brain is, and how little respect you have for the rights of your fellow citizens. That would be providing an opposing viewpoint. Oh, but of course, any forum you own or run should not be subject to the necessity of government imposed "balance." It's OTHER people that need to be CONTROLLED by YOU.

If a Fairness Doctrine ever does pass, I'm going to demand equal time on every local news station to provide "opposing views" to all of the weathermen's opinion, so I can just sit there and scream "NO IT'S NOT!" every time one of them says "It's going to rain today."