Monday, October 08, 2007

Latest Corrupt Scumbag Democrat

Fabian Nunez (or Nuñez, if you like squiggly, foreign lines), California Assembly Speaker, who has been romantically tied to the same TV anchor-slut, Telemundo's arch-whore Mirthala Salinas, as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio "Fidelity is For Suckers and People with Integrity" Villaraigosa, spends tens of thousands of dollars of campaign funds on shady, unjustifiable expenditures.
The spending, listed in mandatory filings with the state, includes $47,412 on United, Lufthansa and Air France airlines this year; $8,745 at the exclusive Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain; $5,149 for a "meeting" at Cave L'Avant Garde, a wine seller in the Bordeaux region of France; a total of $2,562 for two "office expenses" at Vuitton, two years apart; and $1,795 for a "meeting" at Le Grand Colbert, a venerable Parisian restaurant.

Nuñez also spent $2,934 at Colosseum Travel in Rome, and paid $505 to the European airline Spanair.

Other expenses are closer to home: a $1,715 meeting at Asia de Cuba restaurant in West Hollywood; a $317 purchase at upscale Pavilion Salon Shoes in Sacramento; a $2,428 meeting at 58 Degrees and Holding, a Sacramento wine bar and bistro; and $800 spent at Dollar Rent a Car in Kihei, Hawaii.
How does this slimy sack of shit explain this? To quote: "For me, it's a question of: Is my perspective on issues broad enough? Do I have enough context when I make decisions?" Riiiiiight. Obviously, this state politician's perspective is not broad enough to include something called ethical behavior, nor does his decision-making "context" seem to cover a category known as virtue. For me, it's a question of whether or not we should elect fuckwitted, unscrupulous thieves, or should we vote into office someone actually respectable. Clearly, how can we trust an elected representative to do the right thing, if they show they cannot make principled decisions in their own personal and political life? Do you really trust someone willing to defraud his own contributors to enact honorable legislation?

If you're a California voter, make sure to vote a huge NO on Proposition 93 in February, which would allow this dill-hole to stay in the Assembly another 6 years.

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