Tuesday, July 24, 2007

YouTube/CNN Jerkfest

So, like many Americans, I watched the CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Candidate debate last night. Here are some of my initials reactions:

1. Joe Biden is a fucking asshole, and proved to be the biggest dickhead of the evening. If you didn't know this already, gentle readers, check out Biden's overly insulting response to a YouTube presented question about gun control (in which the questioner referred to his gun as his "baby"):
I'll tell you what, if that is his baby, he needs help... I don't know that he is mentally qualified to own that gun. I'm being serious.
I'm being serious here myself - Biden is an asshole with a capital "hole." Not only does he spit in the face of the Constitution by completely disregarding the Second Amendment, and suggesting one would have to be mentally unstable to own a gun, but he goes out on a limb to insult a reasonable questioner ("tell me your position on gun control"). Now, a lot of men refer to their toys as "babies," so there was absolutely no reason to take a disgusting, holier-than-thou attitude and tear apart a guy who believes in freedom and liberty on national television. Even worse, Biden added:
... I hope he doesn't come looking for me.
Great. The questioner did not make a single threat toward anyone. Not only does Biden see our Constitutionally protected right of gun ownership and thus self-defense as insane, he implies that just because someone OWNS a gun, then they're automatically assumed to be guilty of potential assassination and dangerous enough to actually go after a politician. What a typical mixed-up liberal lame-brain. In the justice system, criminals have been given all the loopholes possible by the left, making convicting real threats to our lives and property nearly impossible, but private, up-standing, law-abiding citizens are assumed guilty by liberals, simply because these gun-owners believe in the right to keep arms, bear weapons, and defend oneself from the evil slime in the world that the government does such a bang-up job of keeping out of prison and on the streets. Thanks, Senator, for trusting us to make our own decisions and not preventing us from obtaining the tools we need to keep ourselves safe. And thanks so much, Biden, for those wonderful characterizations of gun-owners as nut-cases and assassins. I don't take that personally at all. Way to win over the moderates, the libertarian minded, and those that actually believe we citizens can and should take responsibility and make decisions for our own lives without unnecessary, cumbersome government interference. You're an asshole. Biden, you should apologize to gun owners and most especially to the guy that asked that question.

2. Kucinich is a complete goofball. I'm surprised anyone but hippy pacifist vegan nimrods give him any respect whatsoever. Oh right, they're the only ones that take him seriously in the first place.

3. Bill Richardson won both the race-baiter and the conspiracy-whacko awards of the evening with a single sentence:
We need to have an effort to get the Republican Party to stop suppressing minority voters.
Riiiiight. Richardson resorts to ugly, baseless accusations and urban myths here to further slander the Republican Party for his own personal gain and for the Democratic Party's. What we really need to have an effort to do is to get Bill Richardson to stop molesting little children. Oh, what Bill? You don't like it when someone lies about you to make you look bad? Too bad, you started it. Stop suggesting that Republicans are racist. I'm sick to death of the gross mischaracterization.

The question asked was actually an interesting one, regarding "standardizing" our nation's elections. Although, I doubt that low voter turnout is much of a result of distrust in the voting process as the questioner implied. Still, a nationally standardized, more trustworthy system would be a welcome change. For one, a national ID card along with voter ID verification at the polls would improve the validity of the process and prevent a lot of fraud. There is very little now, really, to stop illegal aliens, ineligible criminals and duplicate voters from casting votes.

4. Is that John Edwards real hair or some sort of hair textured helmet?

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