Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Obama's wife calls him The Answer

Yesterday, addressing a crowd at a Harlem community center, Barack Hussein Obama's wife Michelle had this to say:
"I am married to The Answer. And I'm not just saying that because I'm his wife."
The Answer to what question? "Who is the biggest fraud in politics"? Obama has about as much integrity and authenticity as a designer purse you purchase from a hidden room in a souvenir shop in Chinatown. The Emperor's New Clothes of the current political arena is nothing more than a puff of hot air, an empty shell of a politician, who feels more like he was created by a PR firm or a kinda liberal television script writer than an actual person with real ideals and principles. Here are some other questions to which B.O. might be "The Answer":
Whom am I never voting for?

Who can read a pretty, vague speech once at a convention and thusly convince a lot of brain-dead zombies he's the second coming of Kennedy?

What's uglier than Hillary Clinton, slicker than Bill Clinton, less tolerable than Al Gore on stage, and more of a hypocrite than John Edwards?

Who thinks that by tossing around nebulous terms like "hope" rather than addressing real issues or actually thinking during a debate, he can win over the hearts rather than minds of the American people, who are all too willing to vote image over substance?

Who is a big enough arrogant prick to have his wife refer to him by a hyperbole like The Answer?

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