Monday, June 25, 2007

Denice Denton, Still Dead

Those of us that work for the UC System received this annoying little message via email today from UC President Bobby Dynes:
Dear Colleagues:

As some of you may recall, June 24 marked the passing of one full year
since the death of Denice Denton, who served as Chancellor of the
University of California, Santa Cruz. I would like to take a moment to
pause and reflect on this great talent who was with us for far too short
a time, but who had a tremendous influence on so many throughout the
University and across the nation. As I recalled at her memorial
service, Denice moved us forward into new territories of excellence and
inclusiveness. Along the way, she inspired us, by her own example, to
strive always to be better people, and she challenged us to see our
differences as strengths to build upon and as opportunities to grow.
The University of California is the better for her having come our way
and, in remembering Denice, I hope we will continue to build upon the
rich legacy she left us.

The Santa Cruz campus has posted a special tribute to Chancellor Denton,
and it can be found at
encourage you to take a moment to visit it and to be inspired by this
extraordinary and gifted individual.


Robert C. Dynes

Now, of course, a corrupt piece of crap like Dynes would be the first to be unable to distinguish between "new territories of excellence" and innovative ways to rip off the taxpayer or bypass ethical behavior. When she was hired, the UC system also hired her lesbian lover to a newly created position in the UC Office of the President, which is in Oakland, which paid $192,000 annually. Denton received benefits that weren’t disclosed when she was hired - part of a UC executive scandal which also implicated our lovely President. She also managed to get $30,000 spent for a freaking "dog run" as part of $600,000 in renovations to the chancellor’s campus house.

Behavior such as this is the exact opposite of "[inspiring] us, by her own example, to strive always to be better people." Unless you of course you consider her an example of how not to behave.

But of course, since she was a lesbian, her incompetence and thievery are to be ignored by the lunatic left that has infested UC campuses with their insane agenda of diversity-bigotry over rational thought and fairness. In some great quest for "inclusiveness" people are to be judged on labels rather than morality and ability. I'm sure she was a fine engineer, but she was a piss-poor administrator and an even worse example of a principled person. She was a militant entitlementist, who thought anyone that dared disagree with her was a bigot, but it was she who showed true prejudice by suggesting she deserved special privilege and consideration due to her sexual orientation.

That said, that she chose to take her own life is a tragedy.

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