Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Amnesty Bill Advances

The US Senate just voted 64-35 to revive the god-awful, down right treasonous amnesty bill. Of course, this horrible piece of legislation, in any form, will not pass - at least not in the House. But here again, our out-of-touch, arrogant political leaders have once again ignored common sense, integrity and the will of the people to instead push a bill that would reward criminality, weaken American sovereignty, encourage more waves of illegal immigration and over-population, disenfranchise the American lower class by bringing a lower foreign class to undercut job opportunities, and all the way around fail to protect American security. Murderer-moron Edward Kennedy had this to say:
"This may not be perfect, but it is the best opportunity we have to do something significant and substantial, and I believe that the bill is good."
This bill is the complete opposite of "good." Doing "something" is in no way preferable if that "something" actually makes things worse. Last year you, our Senators, House representatives and President did do something "significant and substantial," by voting to fund a border fence. Of course that was just a lie for election purposes. The government has completely failed to follow through on actually supplying us with this layer of protection; much in the same way our government has failed to protect us and our Border Patrol agents from the violence of border crossing. In fact, those sworn to protect us, our patriotic officers, are vilified, attacked and imprisoned for doing that which is in the best interest of our country by these very slimeballs that now want to grant amnesty to intruders, trespassers, drug smugglers and dealers, gang bangers, murderers, assaulters, identity thieves and all around disrepecters of our nation, laws, culture and persons.

In the end, the US Senate serves special interests - those that profit from the hiring of illegal aliens, and the bigoted ethnic entitlementists, socialists and anarchists that wish to destroy liberty by slowly dismantling our republic.

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